Count Me In

Count Me In - front cover of banned book
NAA: C3059, Count Me In

Fan Nichols, Count Me In, Popular Library, New York, 1953

Customs officer G Foster gave the following description of pulp novel Count Me In after a copy was seized in Sydney in August 1954:

‘Matt Kovac returns to his home town to find his brother murdered and his truck transport company in danger of liquidation. Lou Benedict, a night club proprietor, is engaged in smuggling narcotics across the Canadian border and kills or mains [sic] anyone who interferes with this lucrative business. Kovais [sic] is involved in numerous sex escapades which are freely described. Brutality is brought in occasionally … Prohibition is recommended.’

Customs placed an import ban on the novel on 22 November 1954.

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Publication Count Me In, 1954