Once Upon a Crime

Once Upon a Crime - front cover of banned book
NAA: C0359, Once Upon a Crime

Mike Kerrigan, Once Upon a Crime, Milestone Publications, London, 1953
Banned: c.1950s

Customs officer G Foster gave the following description of pulp novel Once Upon a Crime after a copy was seized in Sydney in August 1954:

‘Mike Kerrigan, a struggling investigator, is hired by Wendy Lane to find out the true story of the killing of Fats Balfour. On circumstantial evidence her father is incriminated. Kerrigan eventually, after a sucession of escapades, traps the killer. The story is brutal with the killer, Lola Laine, supplying the usual sex angle … Prohibition is recommended.’

Customs placed an import ban on the novel on 22 November 1954.

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Prohibited publication ‘Once Upon a Crime’, 1954