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Recordsearch – new search tool – beta

  • August 30, 2016
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Welcome to the Archives beta search tool – RecordSearch-beta. This new search tool has been developed by the Archives to improve the Basic search – […]

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Soldier sitting

A very Anzac Archives API

If data is the new black (or orange), then APIs are the new consumption of choice! Why is consuming data more popular than ever? It […]

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SODA – Stream of Digital Archives

it would be great if that group or this person knew that this record has been digitised and is available online We thought it would […]

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Design 29

Design 29 – Augmented reality

It’s hard to think back to the beginning of a project that has taken up so much of your time and interest. It’s like it […]

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PhotoSearch FUNctional prototype

Photosearch was the first online catalogue released by the Archives, in 1998. Since then, it has had a couple of functional and cosmetic changes, but […]

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Transcribing our way to improved searchability

It has been a good couple of months for the Archives’ in the online space, the Montevideo Maru website received considerable attention and continues to […]

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Raising the profile of the Montevideo Maru

The labs team were excited to be offered the opportunity to work with some unique documents that were officially released by the National Archives of […]

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GovHack 2012 – an eye opening experience for the Archives

GovHack 2012 was probably the best way for the National Archives of Australia to kick off our new Labs Blog. GovHack 2012 embodies what the […]

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