A very Anzac Archives API

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If data is the new black (or orange), then APIs are the new consumption of choice!

Why is consuming data more popular than ever? It allows connections between different data sources, in a very flexible way.

The National Archives of Australia has been creating ways of making data available and usable. As part of the Anzac Centenary commemorations, we developed an API (Application Programming Interface) to feed into the Discovering Anzacs website, a joint partnership between the National Archives of Australia and Archives New Zealand, containing data from Boer War, World War I service records and other related records.

The website encourages anyone (just register) to generate related links, upload family photos and events and even transcribe the handwritten text from the service personnel records. It allows connections between government data and personal collections, to tell the service history of the men and women who served.

The JSON API makes it easier for you to query a data subset from the Discovering Anzacs website profiles for people and records in a series called "First Australian Imperial Forces Personnel Dossiers", number B2455.

Participants in the GovHack 2015 event accessed the API to build some really cool examples of how records from archives and libraries could be linked across collections for this important Anzac centenary year.

For all you geeks, developers, and analysts who work for a cultural institution or not-for-profit, the search API is ready for you to use. You can apply for an API key , and incorporate the search results data from this important collection into your own Anzac Centenary projects.

See the API terms and conditions for all the details. If you’re already using it, we’d love to hear your feedback so we can continue to make improvements.

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