Montevideo Maru

Montevideo Maru

Project Date: 2012-07-01

The National Archives of Australia has recently acquired what is reliably thought to be the most complete list of those on The Montevideo Maru when it was sunk in July 1942. The list is in two parts – Japanese and English. The Japanese part has the names of all prisoners of war (POWS) and civilian internees on board – the English part lists the POWs.

Developers note

The website gave us the opportunity to include features that we have not generally used in our previous projects. It was built using Twitter bootstrap for the user interface components. It was also the foundation for the responsive design which allows the website to scale for tablets and mobile phones. The jQuery framework was used for client side interaction and ASP.NET 4.0 for server side processing.

The main sticking point was how best to display the list so users could interact and enjoy browsing it. It gave us a chance to experiment with Deep Zoom Images which is a technology developed by Microsoft for efficiently viewing high resolution images. It enables you to zoom and pan the image at different resolutions while maintaining minimal load times.

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