SODA – Stream of Digital Archives


it would be great if that group or this person knew that this record has been digitised and is available online

We thought it would be great if we could show everyone the latest items on RecordSearch. What you may not know is, there could be between 50-1000 digital copies a day and upwards of 15,000 a month loaded to our system. This equates to around 90,000 images. This is an incredible amount of records that are now open and available to the public. The only problem is, you may only come across these records by chance. The idea was to provide an interface so people can not only view these newly scanned records but share them on their favourite social media sites.

The website by default shows you the newly scanned records from the last 3 days. You can select to see up to 1 months worth of recent records. Optionally you can refine by a date range or filter by a keyword. A very handy extra is the ability to subscribe. Subscribing allows you to enter your email address and keywords and if those keywords match a newly scanned record you will be sent a message alerting you there is potentially a record of interest available to view. Share the records of interest with friends and family by selecting a social media site or email.

SODA has also given us the opportunity to design a prototype of a new presentation layer for viewing the digital copies. We provide metadata with the image and a whole host of features including:

  • Social media sharing
  • Export PDF
  • Print entire record or a range of pages
  • Lightbox with zooming
  • View entire record as a slideshow
SODA permalink page

We are hoping through feedback from our users we can continue to add these features and eventually incorporate them in our search system. I encourage everyone to take a look and get in contact with us if you have any feedback.

SODA – Stream of Digital Archives

2 comments on “SODA – Stream of Digital Archives

  • A marvellous addition to NAA’s already super-rich resources. A stunning coincidence for me because I was indeed pondering this question just a week ago: How can I know (1) what’s been newly digitised and/or (2) what new record data has been added to RecordSearch?

    SODA seems to answer question 1. Am still wondering about question 2. Can you make my day?

    All the best.


      • Labs —

      Hi John,

      We are hoping to provide a stream of new record data, just trying to get over a technical hurdle first! Stay tuned.